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Privatization Holding Company Jordan

The Privatization holding company’s main goal is to manufacture and assemble electrical home appliances, establish develop and finance renewable energy projects

Mr.Eteiwi Al-Rawashdeh GM

The Privatization Holding Company – PHC – is currently one of the largest  Jordanian companies working in the energy and industry sector. PHC is owned by the mother company- Kuwait Privatization Holding Company which has more than 15-Billion-dollar investments worldwide.

The investment of PHC -Jordan reached 2 billion dollars in the energy & industry sectors of Jordan. PHC currently employs 160 capable staff members in various departments of the company & factories. We take pride in serving the Middle Eastern regions & seek expanding into the European region after the agreement has been made between Jordan & the European Market.

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The Latest Tachnology

Production Lines

Production is divided into assembly lines and production lines.
QC- each factory has a QC system that tests certain requirements of the products to ensure the quality. Products also go through a scientific laboratory which exposes the product to a heavy conditions in order to test the limits of the products performance. This process helps us guarantee efficiency and quality.

We deliver what's Best!

Quality Products

Carton factory, has an area of 8,000 square meters. It is equipped with modern tools for manufacturing all kind of paper and carton whether printed and non-printed.

Plastic factory, with area of 12,000 square meters is equipped with a new machines, manufacturing high quality plastic in order to support and meet the needs of the local market.

Polystyrene factory has a total area of 3,000 square meters and offers the latest technology in order to be able to manufacture high quality polystyrene, which covers the needs of our main factory and can be able to meet the needs of the local market.


    Floor 2, Nasr Saleh Al-assaf complex No.228

    Wasfi Altal street
    Khilda-Amman city

    P.O Box 2303 Amman 11941 Jordan



    +962 6 4050089

    +962 6 5350550


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